Are you Experiencing Long Wait Times at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital?

At Corona Animal Emergency Center, we are open after hours on weeknights and 24 hours on weekends and holidays to provide your pet with the care they need. We do our best to provide prompt care for our patients, but sometimes, wait times are longer than anyone would like them to be. If you are one of the many pet owners wondering why there are such long wait times at emergency veterinary hospitals, keep reading to learn more.

Clinic Closures

Many general veterinary practices have been overwhelmed with cases or forced to close due to staffing issues. In response, pet owners seek treatment for their furry family members from a non-appointment Emergency Veterinary Hospital such as our hospital. We’ve seen a significant increase in patients since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping up with the demand isn’t always easy.

Triage Process

When a pet arrives, our technicians evaluate them and obtain a complete medical history. This triage process allows our staff to identify — and prioritize — the most urgent cases. Pets who are experiencing life-threatening medical issues move to the front of the line so they can receive immediate care. If your pet is stable, your wait time may be longer. We ask you to please be patient and understand that we are doing our best to provide the best care for every pet who enters our hospital. If your pet’s condition worsens while you are waiting, please let us know.

Working in Veterinary Medicine Isn’t Easy

Veterinary professionals do what they do because they love animals. Sometimes, though, the job can be emotionally draining. The veterinarian or technician responsible for treating your pet may have just lost a critical patient or spent an extended period trying to resuscitate a beloved companion or a frustrated and overwhelmed client may have just yelled and belittled them.

Everyone on our team wants the same thing you do: To help your pet get better as quickly as possible. We understand that long wait times are frustrating — especially when your pet’s health is on the line. Please remember to show the staff kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding.

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